Face Filler (BR Pharm South Korea)

Revitrane Classic

Classic is designed to be treatment of the areas
like lips or fine lines for expressing natural
volume. It is suitable for areas that require
natural volume due to less swelling.

Revitrane Volume

Volume is viscous gel texture to restore volume as
it attracts and keeps moisture in the skin.
Volume has high expansion rate, so it is suitable
for volumizing

Revitrane Premium

Premium is slightly viscous and high elastic gel
type, so it is suitable for most of treatment
areas for volumizing

Revitrane Premium-Q

Premium-Q’s biphasic type particles provides
good support to maintain structure, it is
suitable for making shape of the nose area.

  • High-quality raw material
  • Minimized chemical cross-linking rate using BDDE
  • Advanced residual BDDE cleaning process
  • Uniform cross-linked HA structure
  • Soft viscoelastic gel
  • Keep initial volume for long time
  • Improved skin integration that blends with surrounding skin tissue
  • Smooth and uniform injection
  • Low extrusion force compare to the others

High Quality HA Raw materials



  • Approved raw material (from Shiseido, Japan)

Revitrane is manufactured using safe and qualified hyaluronic acid approved US FDA and European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines(EDQM)

  • Constant HA molecular structure

Stable HA structure that can endure external pressure

  • Purity

Safe material with lass then 10ppm of heavy metal (standards for US FDA and EDQM is 20ppm)