Body Filler (Zeshel South Korea)

Black Rose

Zishel medical is an expert medical device manufacturer and distributor.
We are the only group present in all 5 major sectors of the life and lifestyle
concerning markets: General Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine, Pharmaceuticals,
Cosmetics & Appliances, Selective Logistics and Retailing.

Product Features


BLACK ROSE possesses all these three ideal physical properties with strong viscosity (cohesiveness) and migration resistance; effective gel hardness allows delicate control of G (gel hardness) range that results in an excellent moldability.

BLACK ROSE applies innovative Hyaluronic Acid technology to increase longevity (long-lasting) effect, safety and increase removability (safe& removable) the most ideal product.

Long-lasting result


Overcoming the limitations of cross-linking technology applied in conventional HA fillers, BLACK ROSE is manufactured of microbeads
using a three staged Multistaged Cross-Linking Technology to create a more stable molecular structure and higher cross-linking rate. MCL
technology solves the short duration problem of conventional HA fillers. This technology has enabled the creation of world’s first
semi-permanent HA filler with a good property of material.